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In this poetry collection, a neurosurgeon by profession philosophises in verse about the relationship among thought, perception, emotions, psyche and soul.


Emil Asdurian takes us on a poetic journey through these categories, showing their interdependence and unity, not afraid to address alleged ‘abnormalities’, namely autism, madness and dementia.


The philosophical poems build on a long and a rich tradition of writers and thinkers like Parmenides, Lucretius, Goethe, Sartre and Rilke, who cultivated this genre.


The book pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved through poetry to another level, integrating the most recent philosophical and scientific developments into lyrics, the main concern being the flow and the beauty of thought itself.


Emil Asdurian is the author of three poetry collections and numerous essays, his latest work being the novel  The bells of silence (2019). He has Albanian Armenian roots, and since 1995 resides in New York.


Ode to thought will be published in June 2021.

Ode to thought [Emil Asdurian]

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