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Carabela is an Amsterdam-based independent publishing house whose titles and literary events aim at building bridges between diverse cultures and languages of the world.

   Our publishing choices are guided by the principles of artistic integrity, freedom of expression, gender equality, and social justice. At Carabela we publish books produced by people who share our activist and audacious spirit. 

   Our logo, a small sailing ship used by brave voyagers to traverse the seas during the wrongly called age of discovery, symbolises our commitment to sail beyond cultural, geographic, and linguistic boundaries.

​   In the 15th century, the carabelas facilitated closer interaction between distant civilizations. At the same time, they contributed to the oppression, exploitation and military conquest of millions of people, in particular 

women and indigenous communities.

   Now is the moment to radically change the course of the carabelas of our times. Powerful winds are blowing from the south and from the east.



sailing across cultures and languages

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